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Karen Sheret:
Supporting Disabled Students: the challenge of delivering an equitable university experience 

In an ideal world the job of a Disability Advisor/Team Leader would not exist as the needs of disabled students would be embedded in all schools at Higher Education Institutes. At Plymouth University we have a diverse and growing student support network. The Plymouth University (PU) Disability Assist team concentrates on retaining students, reducing litigation and promoting inclusivity. We have approximately 3,600 students (just over 14% of the student population) with a declared disability. This session will look at the support on offer to students from their initial application to their graduation. It will consider the impact proactive support has on their success and how peer support works in practice. Disability Assist is part of the Learning Support and Wellbeing team within PU and brings together key services aiming to enhance the overall learning experience of students at PU.

In a survey of 800 PU students receiving support for their disabilities during 2014, 68% strongly agreed with the statement: ‘my support has enabled me to stay in higher education.’During the session participants will gain an understanding of; what a disability is, what is a ‘reasonable adjustment’ under the Equality Act 2010, what non-medical helper support is available, what policies are in place to promote inclusivity within PU and how group and individual support sessions aid PU students. The table talks will include case studies and examples of good practice for discussion.

Eine Videoaufzeichnung des Vortrags wird in Kürze hier zur Verfügung stehen!

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