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Developing and embedding inclusive assessment and feedback: a challenging journey of culture change

At Plymouth University there are an increasing numbers of students with diverse learning needs. Equality legislation, and support for students with disabilities and learning difficulties, has given rise to a culture of modified assessments tailored for individual university students. In the past some disciplines staff have had to write as many as six alternative assessments for one module. Awareness of these issues led to a Plymouth University-wide project building on the work of Waterfield and West (2006) to explore, promote and embed an inclusive approach.

Well-designed inclusive assessment enables all students to demonstrate they have achieved the learning outcomes without compromising academic of professional standards (Waterfield and West 2006). Supporting assessment for learning through diagnostic, formative and summative assessment (Crisp 2012) followed by detailed feed-forward and feedback can enhance an inclusive approach. An additional emphasis at Plymouth is moving towards authentic learning tasks that promote student engagement, and learning from assessment.
Driving forward culture change in assessment and feedback at Plymouth which has led to a university-wide curriculum review and revision, so that wherever possible all students are working towards the same assessments  

During the session participants will gain an understanding of; the rationale for inclusive assessment; examine and discuss a range of inclusive assessment materials which have been used with academics from all disciplines at Plymouth University.  The table talks will include examples of inclusive assessment methods, materials and a discussion on ways in which these can be employed including the challenges of disciplines which typically rely on timed examinations, such as mathematics, history, English, and business.

Eine Videoaufzeichnung des Vortrags wird in Kürze hier zur Verfügung stehen!

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